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Jason is an inspiration, role model, and incredible friend. He has shown me that decent people look for the good not the bad, even the most accomplished people have doubts and fears; asking for, or accepting help, is… Read More

Jason inspires me to live my best life and not let any hardships or obstacles I face hinder me from fulfilling my dreams. Jason helps me to realize the importance of connecting with others and making a positive… Read More

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Jason in medical school, where he established himself as the leader among leaders and a guidepost of integrity, strength, and character. Since then I’ve remained in awe of his deep… Read More

Jason is one of those rare souls that lives every word he professes. He is a consummate leader who motivates everyone around him and has been an exceedingly positive influence in my life. His approach to life is… Read More

Jason always provides 100% of himself to his patients, superiors, colleagues, and subordinates. I’ve experienced firsthand the care he provides to his patients and I am so glad I chose him as my personal physician while also working… Read More

When Jason heard that my son John, a collegiate baseball player, was going away to a university out of state and away from family, he took time out of his hectic medical residency to write my son a… Read More

Jason has greatly impacted my life as a friend and mentor. His constant dedication to improvement as a father, a Naval Physician, an athlete, and an upstanding member of his community is nothing short of remarkable. Even with… Read More

Jason has driven me to become a better leader by giving me a sense of empowerment that is needed to push yourself out of your comfort zone and embrace the uphill battle of becoming something more. Through his… Read More

For me, Dr. Valadao is an inspiration and a role-model as an athlete, father, and medical professional. I’ve seen first-hand that Jason lives what he teaches–his accomplishments speak for themselves.  He’s passionate about seeing others succeed and remains… Read More

Jason is such an awesome and inspiring person!  ALWAYS lends a helping hand and genuinely encourages and assist others to grow towards their personal and professional potential. He’s the exceptional leader, friend and family man that truly sets… Read More

While I was in college, Jason was one of the staff Lieutenants at my ROTC unit. Without question, he was the biggest influence on what kind of Naval Officer I became. He inspired me to be fiercely disciplined… Read More

Dr. Valadão has a combination of unique life experiences, talent, and intelligence that give him a rare and invaluable perspective on life. I am forever grateful to call him a mentor and friend. Through my time that I… Read More

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