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I have been lucky enough to call Jason a close friend and mentor since we met during residency. Never have I met somebody with such dedication to self-improvement, personal accountability, and helping others. I can’t think of a… Read More

Jason is a leader who does not tell you how it’s done, he shows you how to do it.  I met Jason as my academic advisor when he was a professor at UC Berkeley.  At the time, he… Read More

I am undoubtedly a better person today having been mentored by Jason. His unwavering pursuit and appreciation of meaning, in everything from failure to triumph, is a quality that I strive to emulate every day. His ability to… Read More

Every human being gets the same number of hours and minutes in a given day, thus making TIME our most precious commodity. Jason has truly mastered time management. He has proven to me and many others that you… Read More

Jason is truly a servant leader, always giving his utmost to motivate, inspire, and encourage. He comes alongside those who are struggling and brings out the very best in everyone around him, whether they’re his subordinates, his peers,… Read More

Jason has been great in encouraging me to reflect on myself and understand that often we can see obstacles as barriers rather than learning opportunities.  Those obstacles may prevent us from what we wanted at a given time,… Read More

There are some people in this world who simply desire to change the world for the better. Dr. Jason Valadao is one of those people. His primary mission is to reach out and support others while also continuing… Read More

Jason is someone who has taught me the strength in living with honor and integrity. He exemplifies what being a leader means, no matter the situation, and the importance of choosing the right path, no matter the difficulty…. Read More

Jason opened my eyes to the power of living a principle-centered life. Mentor, confidant, brother in Christ, and friend, I am forever indebted to him for showing me the courage and conviction required to truly live according to… Read More

I worked with Jason at the University of California, Berkeley, Navy ROTC unit. I knew immediately from his first day that he would have a positive and lasting impact on the aspiring Navy and Marine Corps officers. What… Read More

I have had the privilege of knowing Jason as a great mentor, an exemplary father and most importantly a dear friend for the past 9 years. He has had a tremendous impact on my life since our years… Read More

Dr. Valadao has made a tremendous impact on my life. With any personal or professional issues, Jason has been there to listen, guide, and instill in me the ability to make the best choices for me and my… Read More

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