Kao Saeteurn, Marine Corps Officer

Jason is a leader who does not tell you how it’s done, he shows you how to do it.  I met Jason as my academic advisor when he was a professor at UC Berkeley.  At the time, he was already someone that all of his students emulated. Just when we thought he was at the pinnacle of his career, he decided to become a doctor.  This field grade officer humbled himself after 10+ years of service and he dove into an environment surrounded by brand new peers, many of which were younger than the students he just spent years mentoring and advising. Watching this man operate as a doctor and as a family man is truly inspirational. He started from scratch and has worked tirelessly to achieve what most hope to accomplish in five lifetimes, by the age of 40. With a copy of his book “Exceptional Every Day” I have a materialized reminder of what it takes to keep winning at life.