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Carbs vs Fats: The Debate Drags On

If you care about your health and wellness, then you have definitely heard, seen and maybe even felt the non-stop discussion taking place on what is healthier: low carb or low fat? There is not one easy answer… Read More

Money, Time, Priorities = More Problems

Maybe? Sort of. Not really. But yes, they could mean those things. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I can’t afford it?” but then you end up buying other things that perhaps you just don’t need. Or let… Read More

“I don’t like your work”

The blog post below (he gets credit for the title as well) is straight from one of my mentors, and I found it suiting to share it today, just 48 hours after my first book made its public… Read More

Are you ready to enhance your journey?

Authentically Happy for…

Something to think about as you enjoy your weekend.

Some things I have pondered over the past few months

Hello friends! I hope today’s post finds you doing well, and if your mind is telling you that you aren’t doing to well, and your body is echoing that sentiment, then hopefully I can cheer you up a… Read More

The Ebb and Flow of our Emotions A big part of following The Process is allowing it to ebb and flow. We must observe the ups and downs, the coming and going, and allow them to pull at… Read More

The journey has begun

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