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Time, Time, Time

We all wish we had more of it. Each and every day we get 86,400 seconds. That is all. No more, no less. It might feel like we don’t, especially when we are traveling to and from various… Read More

Walk Slowly

Next time you walk through the crowd take a second to rethink your steps and perhaps decide to walk a little bit slower.

“I don’t like your work”

The blog post below (he gets credit for the title as well) is straight from one of my mentors, and I found it suiting to share it today, just 48 hours after my first book made its public… Read More

It is truly just another day

I am truly grateful beyond any words that I can type upon this blog post for the support of blog followers, friends, colleagues, and people I have never ever met before. Many people would look at today as… Read More

Harness Simplicity

Over the past 3 months I have been blessed with the opportunity to reengage into a relationship with a childhood friend. We had spoken only a couple of times the first few years after high school. He had… Read More

Saying less, but with more intention

I am learning to use fewer words, talk less and listen more. It has been an ongoing process, and one that requires a great deal of intentionality. You see, setting goals is a good thing, but setting intentions… Read More

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