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Get The Process Going

The Process, when believed in, will get you exactly where you want to go. Nothing says it will be a smooth path without obstacles. That is hardly ever the case when it comes to meaningful results and a… Read More

Blog Post Number 100 – “The Rain”

Thanks for joining me today. This is my 100th post on the website and it’s been just over a year since my ideas about The Process came to life. After months of putting together my first book it… Read More


Over the past year I have come to truly appreciate each and every opportunity I get for REFLECTION. It was not something I was taught about growing up. I highly doubt it was something my own parents valued…. Read More

PROCESS: the acronym

  Today I am sharing an acronym I put together (I did not promise it was good or perfect) to give all of my readers some insight into my idea of THE PROCESS. Just like THE PROCESS itself,… Read More

Everything Starts Somewhere

It is finally here, THE PROCESS has come to life. I have been working on getting it started for quite some time now. The goal is to change lives, and at the very least develop a few daily… Read More

The journey has begun

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