It’s been a little while

Hello there. I know, you are surprised to have this blog post pop into your inbox. I fell off the once weekly ritual of posting a blog that would find it’s way to your email. Life happens I guess. For the past year, COVID-19 happened…or did not happen depending on who you ask.

From being a Navy physician (with tons of “collateral” duties that take up the majority of my day), to a physician, to working as a leadership and personal development coach, to maintaining friendships, exercising, and raising two daughters (that need lots of “healthy” attention)…life happens.

We were already a “healthy” family when it comes to eating and exercising, but having a daughter diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Celiac disease (no gluten) and thryoid disease (and another daughter diagnosed with thyroid disease just 2 weeks after the first) made us reevaluate things even more. Waking up throughout the night because of a “low blood sugar alert” and then having to give a sleeping child some sort of “sugar” makes me uneasy. And I am a physician for crying out loud. I am not scared, but rather more upset that my child has to coat her teeth with a substance that in the end is the reason for so much of the diseases that I encounter with my patients every single day. Yet she needs sugar, just like she needs insulin, to survive.

And these days getting the COVID vaccine is on everyone’s mind. And who knows, is it really the right thing to do? I have my questions and concerns. And then I saw this:

I mean come on. Is this really happening? For all of you doughnut lovers, I am sure you hate me. But seriously, are we really going down this path of providing free “doughnuts” or in other words “free inflammation” if people get vaccinated. Just think about it for a second: a free, sugary, processed wheat/flour gift that provides no health benefit.

I figured it is much safer to protect yourself from COVID by taking care of your body with diet and exercise. But maybe I missed something during all of my years of studying and working 100+ hours.

Well, I simply wanted to get back on this blog ritual (perhaps it will last, but maybe it won’t) and when I saw the news about Krispy Kreme I could not resist.

Wishing you a great rest of the week and as April appears in the short distance I ask you to consider how you want to remember 2021. What will you do this year that you will be proud of? What will you change about your current situation? What can you do to help someone else get to where they need to go?

2 thoughts on “It’s been a little while”

  1. Plenty here, thanks and sorry. Yes…. life is…. among other things full of pain. Yet pain is not the will of our Father, don’t let it sidetrack you. But your last question is the key to sound living and all that flows from it.

  2. Unfortunately there are many vices (and devices) out there to capture our attention and draw us down that sugary rabbit hole of poor health but we have to stop entrusting our wellbeing to the Krispy Creme and Burger Kings of the world because obviously that don’t care. Instead we need to make the conscious decision to say no to those vices and seek those things which will benefit us today as well as tomorrow. The comic Flip Wilson had a bit where when would blame the devil for giving into his vices. However, the truth is that the devil can’t make you do anything that you didn’t want to do. Therefore just because the Krispy Creme and Carl Jr. of the world offer special promotions intended to increase their revenue, doesn’t mean that I have to go for it. The power to not only say no to corporate greed, but to say I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. By saying no it provides a opportunity to enjoy a more fulfilling future. That’s what I call living with no regrets.

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