For only 50 cents

Well, his hame is 50 Cent, or Curtis Jackson, depending on the day or the identity he wants to share with you. You may have heard of him, or perhaps you haven’t. A rapper from Queens…at least that is all that most of us really know about him. For me, he is an inspiration when it comes to work ethic, discipline, humility and the persistent chase of doing it “better and better.” Many have judged 50 Cent because of his history with dealing drugs, being shot, and all that comes with the people he surrounded himself with.

Curtis exemplifies the notion of not trying to be better than others, but rather being better than he has already been. This is something we can all learn from. The man I consider one of the greatest coaches ever, John Wooden, taught this concept to his men daily.

I recently read Curtis’ book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter and I loved it…every bit of it. I threw any judgment, or pre-conceived notions aside and I jumped in. He provides a sense of energy that forces you to get off your butt and do something that will actually benefit your life and the lives that you truly care about.

The bottom line:


  1. Be fearless
  2. Cultivate the heart of a hustler (don’t look at “hustler” in a negative sense)
  3. Build a strong crew
  4. Know your value
  5. Evolve or die
  6. Shape perception
  7. Don’t be afraid to compete
  8. Learn from your losses
  9. Avoid the entitlement trap

All of us can start to break this list down, one step at a time. Let’s get past COVID and get 2021 moving in the right direction.

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