Why Me?

Leave it to my desk calendar to answer that one just a few days ago…

And when things are getting tough and you start feeling sorry for yourself (I have done it plenty of times)…change your perspective.

A little unsolicited letter from my 8-year-old child this past week:

I think Marcus Aurelius would have considered my little Siena wise…perhaps stoic even at her age.

Keep fighting my friends. So many opportunities for growth if you just open your eyes, but more importantly your mind.

4 thoughts on “Why Me?”

  1. My heart is a bit warmer now than when I started reading this post. Thank you Jason, as always, for sharing your journey honestly and your (and the family’s!) perspective 🙂

  2. What a mature young lady! Who did she get that from? Hope you & your family & friends are all well. Keep up the sharing & good work that you do.

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