It is essentially everything.

The following are things you must consider when it comes to LIVING your life…

  1. Ability: determines the things you are CAPABLE of doing
  2. Motivation: determines the things you CHOOSE to do

But the most important of all three:

3. Attitude: determines how WELL you do the things you are CAPABLE and MOTIVATED to do

So remember, your ATTITUDE really does matter, and it is one of those things that NO one else can ever take away from you.

So what are you waiting? Don’t question your attitude, but instead just make it right. There is no excuse.

2 thoughts on “Attitude”

  1. Attitude really does matter. Thank you for sharing. In the busyness of life, it can chip away at our core and diminish a good attitude. Strength and honor…

  2. True, but simplistic with the wars goings on. Take a stance with Truth, Justice and what will be needed in tomorrows and todays world. Put on the belt of truth, the breast plate of righteousness (that is doing the right thing) and the…. of . You end it yourself. Attitude matters, but right attitude matters more! It’s a fight for justice. Look to our founding fathers for their attitude. Go ahead, just try looking at what John Adams has to say about human nature and history.They believed man was driven by selfish motives for too often but was also capable of rising above his selfishness for the betterment of his fellows.

    Speak to our heritage, not just our hope.

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