What Matters?

At the end of each month I like to look back over my daily planner for about 10 to 15 minutes to capture what I experienced. I keep track of the people I was able to connect with over the phone, the meetings I went to and what they involved, my daily exercise, a bad night of sleep, whom I sent a personal note to, my children’s music and sports activities, and a whole lot more. It is a good thing I write with a small font size or else I could have a small book on my hands instead of just a few pages. And I am not one who likes to use a phone or computer for my daily planner…for me there is something about an actual notebook and a pen. To each their own I guess.

Looking over the past 30 to 31 days helps me see when and where I was thriving and where I was lacking. Today is no different.

I think what sticks out the most to me through doing this exercise is one simple word, yet often not such a simple thing to carry out:


To be accountable to ourselves, our loved ones, our work…the list goes on.

And when it comes to being accountable to others, being KIND and having EMPATHY go hand in hand.

Why would we want it any other way? But we get caught up in our own minds that we more often than not end up treating others without much thought.

So, this next month, join me in considering a different twist on the idea of accountability and what it really means. Think of it in the context of the word:


We must learn how to pause before we react. We must learn how to take that deep breath and restrain from letting certain words and or phrases roll off our tongues when we are stressed, not truly present or even bored.

We must become comfortable taking one to two steps back…it’s not really a setback if it helps us to move in the right direction.

Here is to your next 30 days (or 31).

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