Boredom = Challenge

Practice makes perfect, right? Not so much. And as we have learned, there is no such thing as being absolutely perfect.

But practice is monotonous. That is true in so many ways.

And real discipline in life means that you can overcome the mundane.

Put all this together and it is easy to see that even in doing the things we love over and over again (i.e.”practice”) we can get bored.

The question that gets presented is: Does boredom resemble a challenge?

I was eavesdropping into my eldest daughter’s Zoom piano lesson (we were able to get reconnected with her previous “in-person” piano teacher from Texas once COVID-19 struck – the guy is a rockstar and if you are looking for someone who really knows how to teach and will also teach you or your child theory and history for quite a bargain, let me know) and Tim, her instructor was laying it on thick when it comes to being dedicated and disciplined with practice.

And practice is a challenge. Whether it is a sport, learning how to cook, playing an instrument, being in a relationship…choose your passion and unravel what it means to practice and you will surely see what I am talking about.

At times we may feel that we cannot overcome the CHALLENGE. That we could practice all day and all night and still not get there. And it is at this point that we feel comfortable saying and accepting that we are simply BORED and that we want to change course. And sometimes this is indeed the right thing to do, but many times, that is hardly the case.

The truth is, if we simply change course every time we become bored we may indeed never realize what we could have achieved.

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