That special someone

I recently lost a dear friend of mine…a guy simply known as:


His real name is Cyril. His life…dedicated to simply being present for a group of young men day after day, year after year.

I was to see him in just two months ago in July while he was on trip to visit his daughter in Pennsylvania, but COVID got in the way.

COVID sapped him of his purpose. Without football, he just sort of “slowed” down, even though he was never one for sprinting. After all he was 84, but he had so much life and so much energy to offer.

I was fortunate to be his roommate and to be able to just sit and chat, as well as break bread at a meal, during several of the Cal football games that I am forever grateful to have been a part of during the 2008 and 2009 seasons and then again in 2017, during my “lucky” days in the Navy that allowed me to bring the two organizations together into my life. But even more special to me was that he entrusted me with his medical questions and that my hands offered him comfort when he needed someone to wrap up his foot before a game.

Dog loved to call me “admiral” even though it’s a rank that is well above me.

I share his story because what he lived and experienced is what I am sure all of us seek when it comes to finding our purpose, or discovering our why.

Check out a link or two below…I am sure it will cause a little stir within you. Perhaps it will cause you to reflect, take some ownership or even make a massive pivot in the direction your life is headed.

Dog has done those thing for me.

His impact can be felt by any of the following: (this is my favorite one for several reasons and one of my best friends’ children actually wrote it)

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  1. How very special that you got to know him, Jason. I’m sorry for you loss.
    Love you,

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