A Basic Skills Course

I read something recently about the idea of teaching a life skills course.

I am not so certain basic life skills are taught any longer. When I was in high school I actually took a typing course (the internet wasn’t all too common yet) and I think at the time we were still playing Oregon Trail! I also had wood-shop and a home economics course which wasn’t really about economics (unless you knew inherently that you saved more money by cooking for yourself than eating out) and should have been titled “home cooking” instead since that is all we did. We did talk about balancing a check book, and it was a smart thing to do. Life while a student was simply different.

And I am working on keeping my blogs shorter, so let’s get to the point of what Dr. Tim Elmore was talking about when I came across some of his work thanks to one of my mentors:

  1. Building a Good Attitude: Stay positive, hungry, humble, and do whatever it takes.
  2. Taking Initiative: If you’re willing to go first, others will see you as a leader. 
  3. Capturing Vision: See the big picture and pursue something bigger than you.
  4. Communicating Effectively: If listeners don’t get it, you haven’t communicated. 
  5. Teamwork: To go faster, travel alone. To go further, learn to travel together. 
  6. Creativity: Learn the art of combining two existing ideas to generate a new one.
  7. Grit: Resilience and work ethic can replace what you lack in talent or personality. 
  8. Emotional Intelligence: To connect with others, understand yourself and them. 
  9. Resourcefulness: Searching and finding new answers keeps you relevant. 
  10. Critical Thinking: Seeing all sides of an issue enables you to act intelligently. 
  11. Problem-solving: The best way to influence is to serve people and solve problems.
  12. Getting Over Yourself: The clearest sign of maturity is focusing on others.

From these dozen topics, almost every micro-skill can be covered, like changing a tire, interviewing for a job, or laying out a budget. So, should we start teaching a course on these things once again? Imagine what could happen.

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  1. Hear hear. We really need to get back to the basics of living instead of looking for a “hack” to shortcut hard work. Reading a great book right now on grit by Angel Duckworth “Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance”

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