Are you a giver or taker?

This TED Talk with Adam Grant is a must see even if you have already seen it a dozen or more times like I have. It brings me back when I start to fade, and it makes me want to give even more. The best part: “The 5-minute favor.” I try to do this throughout my day…perhaps you do too. When we can give, there is no need to take…but what we can do is learn how to receive. You see, “taking” and “receiving” aren’t quite the same. And your character can truly be defined by how you treat that server while dining out, or that janitor who comes before or after you to tidy up the restroom.

I did not appreciate it when I was a child, or a teenager, but I have been thankful for the past 20 or so years that my parents were in fact laborers. Need I say more. Enjoy this great TED moment with Professor Grant.

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