Beyond the age

The following letters were written by my daughters recently:

An 8-year-old
A 10-year-old

We had simply taken them out on a Sunday morning for a little hiking and stumbled upon two college campuses (there isn’t much else to do with COVID-19 these days and college campuses are ghost towns, so we figured there would be plenty of social distancing).

We visited Brown University and Providence College as they were literally just up the freeway. And while they enjoyed them, they seem to have already had their sights set on some other schools.

The visit prompted many questions from the backseat as we drove home that day. Now mind you, they are 10 and 8, not 15 and 16 and college is years away. It would be a lie if I told you that we don’t talk about things like that in our home. We definitely do, but these girls actually took it upon themselves to do some research on their own (especially the 8-year-old).

I was handed this one day when I arrived home from work:

The 8-year-old again

That price sticks out to me…$78,200 (for one year!!!!). But it’s good to dream. Even better to get a scholarship.

I share this because it showed me that it actually is never too early to be “inspired” and to do more than just play video games, watch television or things on Youtube. It’s okay for kids to get serious about sports and college when they are the ones doing the dreaming, the prodding, the research and actually on the field or in the classroom.

Am I proud of them for already thinking about this stuff? Perhaps a little.

Am I Inspired that they have actually been receptive of the things I have been trying to teach them, to pass on to them, to give them more opportunities then I believe I have had? DEFINITELY.

Perhaps two little girls inspired you to do something more today…maybe just one thing. What have you been dreaming about? What have you been wanting to do for the past few years, past few months, or maybe even since you were just 10 or 8? Don’t limit yourself.

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  1. From knowing you and your amazing wife I’m not at all surprised that your daughters are so advanced and ready to explore everything out there. They are so big and still as beautiful as when they were little. I hope you started college funds when they were tiny because they have big dreams! Love you all and you are in my thoughts more often than you know!

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