Who knew……..

…that 22 pushups could mean so much.

This happens to be day 12 of 22 for me after my friend Stuart Grazier “tagged” me to join in on the cause.

22 push-ups for 22 days straight as a way to bring a little more awareness to a harrowing statistic that is currently affecting a group of people that has served our wonderful country in a military uniform.

For the past 556 days I have done push-ups, every single day, and pull-ups too. It has been a little challenge that I set for myself in 2018. Some days I do hundreds or even 1000 or more, and others, just 20 or 30. Somehow, even while traveling (before COVID-19 of course) I have found ways to run to a park to find some monkey bars, or creative ways to do them from a doorway in a hotel room. I do this for my mental health…I know that sounds sick…but it helps me stay focused, and driven, and alive.

But for the past 12 days I have joined forces with others filming myself doing 22 pushups and then posting on Facebook (Yes, many of you know I am not a big fan of posting on Facebook…just a little too much vanity…but I see the value in this instance), and tagging a few folks to join in. You are supposed to pick just one person each day, but I have broken protocol as I have tried to recruit a few extra folks along the way.

It has been fun, and it has pulled me out of my comfort zone once again (not a big fan of the selfie videos, or selfies in general)…and if it saves just one life, then so be it…I have already given up some of the comforts of life after I joined the Navy nearly 20 years ago, so a few more won’t hurt.

Perhaps you could join in on the fun today…it doesn’t have to be public…do it on your own. Become accountable for something BIGGER THAN YOURSELF.

One thought on “Who knew……..”

  1. Wonderful challenge! (My late-husband, Army Ranger, suicide 10 yrs ago). I see you got the ‘pretty boy’ to do the video part for you… nice choice!! (Hes not vain, just…a great personality for tv lol!)

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