Adding Value

John C. Maxwell professes that his purpose in life is to:

Add value to others

He has served as a Christian pastor, has written over 70 self-help and leadership books, created a coaching, mentorship and speaking program and has spent over 50 years connecting with and teaching people who want to have an impact on others.

“Giving is the highest level of living.”

John maxwell

Many people see there lives as a progression of learning and receiving, then doing, and finally giving. But it does not have to be that way. We can always be giving. And as John so clearly stated above, that is how we truly live.

Now that we are halfway through another year, what better time than now to start acting on that notion. Each of us can find multiple ways to give to others. There are people everywhere that need folks like us to step in and make a difference. Whether it means sharing a meal, writing a letter of recommendation, investing in their future, etc, etc, there is lots to do and whether we believe it or not, we can give a lot more than we usually think is possible.

So instead of just setting up an “income” plan, think about also setting up a “giving” plan. If you already see yourself as a premier giver, then spend some time reflecting on what the giving you have done has done for others. Is it working? Are they growing? Has your giving made someone else’s life a little bit easier? A little more fruitful?

If we all give just a little more of our time, our knowledge, and for some of us, even our money…the difference that will be made will be something we can never truly count as it will indeed be infinite in so many ways.

Blessings to you as we begin the second half of yet another year of our lives.

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