A Challenge…

You only get until the end of the week…Saturday by 12:00pm (whatever time zone you are in)…

This is the honor system and I have no idea if you will be HONEST…but YOU do!

Real HONESTY is who you are when no one but yourself is looking.

So, are you ready?

Many people think they have all sorts of friends, especially with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. All of these so called “likes” that we may get when we post something…but would those same people be there for you when you really need them to be?

Would they put their lives on the line to save yours? Would they take custody of your children, and more specifically raise them correctly, if you were to perish and needed them to do so?

So here’s the challenge (wait for it, wait for it)…for some of us it’s simple…for others not so much (for a multitude of reasons).

You fill in the blanks below:






Choose five of your dearest friends. Those you care the most about. You may have more than five, but just pick five.

One big rule: It cannot be anyone that you are actually RELATED to…and here are the specifics..

-You cannot pick your children

-You cannot pick your spouse

-You cannot pick your parents or your spouses parents

-You cannot pick your current significant other, whether boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner

It is getting harder, isn’t it?

Five people that you care dearly about. Five people that you would step in and save. Five people that you would gladly take custody of their children if you needed to, and support them as if they were your own. Five, just five.

And here is the challenge: you must pick up the phone, with complete vulnerability and transparency and let them know you care. No texting. No emailing. An actual phone call. Your own words, however you choose to tell them. The conversation doesn’t have to be long…even 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or just 10. You have five people to call and I don’t want you having excuses that you cannot get all five calls done. I originally wanted to challenge you to do it, all five calls, within 3 hours of receiving this blog post, but I knew there would be plenty of excuses about work, family obligations, teaching homeschool due to COVID-19, too many Zoom meetings to attend…way too many excuses. So I am giving you 3 to 4 days depending on when you read this post.

Just get it done. Stop procrastinating. Stop telling people that you care about them only when the s%^$HF hits the fan. Do it now!

And who knows, maybe one of the folks you are calling actually received this blog as well and chose you as one of theirs. Now wouldn’t that be awesome.

I would love for you to write to me to let me know how this went. Your experience. The emotions you felt. Anything. Please let me know…that’s challenge number 2.

Stay blessed and keep being HONEST when no one else is looking.

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