A Brand New Home

I just had to share something that truly touched my heart this past weekend as I was part of a one of a kind event. A couple of months ago I was invited to be a speaker for a military veteran’s real estate conference that was supposed to take place in Saint Louis on the 29th and 30th of May.

I kind of shook my head when first invited because I am not someone who knows hardly anything about real estate (although I want to and I was once a guest on Joe Fairless’s Best Ever Show Real Estate Investing Podcast in 2019, but that is about as far as it goes). I was obviously invited to speak about other things. I knew from the onset that all of the money raised from tickets and donations, all 100%, would be given to charity. But at first, the charity of choice was unknown. As time moved forward, the picture became clear and the Veteran’s Community Project was chosen.

Then, thanks to some virus that we all know so much about now (or perhaps we don’t know much at all) the conference was pivoted to the VIRTUAL space…Zoom would become the platform. And while we did not have 500, or 200 or even 100 folks in attendance, we ended up with about 75 and it was an incredible 2-days of fellowship in so many ways.

I kicked off the conference talking about MINDSET, using people like MJ and Kobe as examples, with ideas about there being no finish line in the game of life and how we all know what we want, but not all of us are willing to do what we must to get it. And a man named Walter Bond (who you have to hear speak) took us home…a guy who at one time played in the NBA against MJ himself.

So today, I am sharing a link with those of you who might want to help put a homeless veteran into a brand new home. It costs around $35,000 to build one, and at the close of our conference, where only 75 or so people (20 of those being the speakers themselves) attended, we raised around $23K…so we are close…but not there yet. Imagine if you only gave a single dollar, or perhaps, gave up one of your Starbucks coffees for day, or a week…if everyone that is friended with me on Facebook alone did this today, tomorrow, or this week, we could be at the goal in a matter of days. If everyone who follows me on this blog donated just $3.00 we could crush this and be at goal in a matter of days as well.

Blessings to all of you as we kick off yet another month of 2020.

So, don’t forget and help us in this awesome mission of getting those who have served off the street. Check it out now at this link

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