The Power of Positive

The following are some thoughts that came to me while I was doing some meditating before bed last night. I have often struggled with the idea of being a “doer” and doing a lot of things instead of relishing the idea of just “being.” While I do get a lot done, likely more than the average human, it doesn’t always mean it was the right thing to do. Stress builds up for all of us and we can in fact lose are way. Thus, today I offer a few things to act as a guiding light…

GET TO vs. HAVE TO: Life is a gift, not an obligation.

WIN THE DAY, EVERY DAY: Don’t let negativity win today. Remember it starts with you. If you are complaining you’re not leading. If you are leading you’re not complaining. One person can’t make a team but one person can break a team. Which sort of teammate do you want to be?

THE CARDS WERE ALREADY DEALT: Remember you can’t change your past. But you control how your future looks. No one but you controls how you react and the attitude you exude. You can in fact win with the cards in your hand.

BE THE ENCOURAGEMENT: Today, decide to be that person who instills a positive belief in someone who needs to hear your encouraging words. Believe in others more than they believe in themselves.

LOOK FOR THE GOOD: How you see the world determines the world you see. Perspective is the answer.

LET GO: Focus on the things that you have the power to change, and let go of the things that are beyond your control. You’ll be amazed that when you stop trying to control everything, it all somehow works out.

SHOWING UP IS THE PRIORITY: If no one even notices you, just show up and do the work. Just keep showing up even if you don’t feel like it. See the positive, not the negative.

When you look at life through this lens, you allow yourself the freedom to turn conditional into unconditional, a problem into a challenge, and give yourself the power to turn every situation in to a positive.

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