Post #200…

I made it here…quite nearly a post every single week, with a few extras, for the past few years. And I cannot take credit for all of them as I shared some from folks like Seth Godin, who is worth following if you want to open your mind, your heart, and ignite your passion. I also often synthesized information from writers like Ryan Holiday, who I befriended some time ago, and Simon Sinek. I also tried to share my thoughts in regard to books I lost myself in like David Epstein’s Range or motion pictures such as the The Greatest Showman (go back and check out my post’s if you have a few minutes…).

I sought your attention, but in a different way. I wanted to grab a hold of your presence, but NOT for me, rather for yourself. I hoped that my writing, long or short, would allow you to be PRESENT for a just a few minutes once per week.

And you know what, it may not have worked for all of you, but it worked for some. I received tons of private messages, a few public ones, and lots of praise – undeserving of course – for the blog and for publishing my first book back on April 2nd, 2019.

Today’s post is nothing more than offering you, the reader, follower, whatever you want to label yourself as, my gratitude. Thank you for allowing me to try and be a better person through my writing, through my eagerness to do more. Some of you, and you know who you are, made it a point to read my blog each week. Some of you have been with me since the beginning. Many have left, many more have simply sent the notification email to the trash. And so many more of you continue to find me in this huge world.

All of it is okay with me. The goal, when I set out to do this, was to help ONE person get BETTER. To help them make a course correction or two during this maze of LIFE.

We all have our struggles…each and every one of us…but if we put our focus on others, and we seek to make the world a better place, then what more is there? Who cares if we fail, as long as we keep trying to be better every single day.

So perhaps I will see you again. Perhaps we can keep helping one another. Perhaps our gratitude will go viral!

4 thoughts on “Post #200…”

  1. Jason, I’m grateful that ur my friend! U have always been an inspiration. I know that u truly practice what you preach and I’m a better person for knowing u!

  2. Jason, Wonderful sentiment. Self deprecating as always:) Look forward to catching up again soon.

  3. I’m so thankful you ate a part of my world. Your messages have made me smile, made me frown (deep thoughts!), made me question myself, made me look at myself my choices and my actions. You have challenged me to be and do better. You are not only a friend but a teacher and an inspiration. Thank you for always encouraging me. You are such a blessing in my life.

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