Things have been different

For the past several weeks, essentially two months now, we have been living in a world full of news, emotions, fear, panic, anxiety, homeschool, telework, face masks, and so much more. COVID-19 has caused a “national reset.” We have never slowed down like this before. “Social distancing” will likely earn honors as the most “unpopular” but most used term of the decade.

It all depends on how you look at things.

For me, and likely for you, life has not stopped. It is a little different. I miss my routine of an early workout at the gym, a quick stop in the sauna to work on “disconnecting” and meditating, while sweating out the toxins of life, jumping in the pool, shooting some hoops…all of those things that have become commonplace for me. I still go to work, I still have to answer phone calls, send emails, do Zoom meetings and take care of administrative issues that I just don’t comprehend.

But I am making an effort to disconnect as much as possible.

I am listening to my kids more.

I am sending out personal letters.

I am doing some spring cleaning.

I am learning how to just sit and do nothing (I still cannot do it for very long).

So in this time of unease, there is so much to benefit from. Businesses are starting to open back up. Our new normal is progressing. We must keep on living.

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