A quote for the month

I came across this quote in a weekly email that I receive:

Quote I’m pondering —
“What makes life worth living? No child asks itself that question. To children, life is self-evident. Life goes without saying: whether it is good or bad makes no difference. This is because children don’t see the world, don’t observe the world, don’t contemplate the world, but are so deeply immersed in the world that they don’t distinguish between it and their own selves. Not until … a distance appears between what they are and what the world is, does the question arise: what makes life worth living?”
Karl Ove Knausgård

I found it compelling because as I see it children actually know how to be PRESENT and how to live in the MOMENT because this is how they actually live. Presence has been my word/theme for 2020. Perhaps I need to spend a little more time having my children teach me vice the other way around. Here is to the moments that lie ahead for you in 2020!

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