For one day ONLY! April 1st…

I found out just a few days ago that Exceptional Every Day was selected for something special on April 1st, 2020 (almost exactly one year (April 3rd, 2019) after the book first published).

“Hi, Jason. Some good news to share! Amazon has selected Exceptional Every Day as a Kindle Daily Deal for April 1. Congrats!
Amazon will be lowering the Kindle price to $0.99 for 24 hours only and promoting on-site and in emails to buyers with browsing and search history in your genre.” 

But here is the deal. This isn’t about me, but about raising money to help those who are truly in need right now. So I get it, let’s say we sell 100, or even 200, or even 1000 E-books in 24-hours…will that money truly make a difference? It all comes down to perspective.

Here is my plan, and this all comes down to integrity, character, honor, whatever you want to call it.

I am proposing this…for every single Kindle that sells (only 99 cents each) I will multiply that by 10. So I will donate 10 dollars for every sale. If we sell 1000, I will donate $10,000 to the COVID-19 relief fund to help families that are burdened the most. You have my word and those of you that know me, know that I mean every bit of what I am saying. I plan on buying at least 10 for myself and I don’t even use E-books (cannot seem to figure them out!).

Even if you already own it for your kindle or however you read digital books, why not buy another one, two or 10 for all of those that you love. We are all likely to be stuck inside for at least a couple of weeks so we have some extra time to devote to reading.

This is where you can get the Daily Deal for Exceptional Every Day (at least I hope it works) HERE.

So please help me do this. Remember, it is only for today, April 1st, 2020 and then the deal is over. And this is not an April fool’s joke.

3 thoughts on “For one day ONLY! April 1st…”

  1. I’ve got my grandson’s on the hook and two teachers. Heads up to them. I hope they bite. I’ll think about others during this day. Cool, is all I can say.

  2. Jason, I’ve got 4 grandson’s to spend .99. It is costing you. But, the gains will be overwhelming. Your thesis, is simple, each day is yours, you have options and you can make decisions. We are people who have outside influence and pressure, yes, but we are given grace to do and be exceptional. Make the decision. I can’t wait to discuss with those growing men what you have written and what they have yet to live.

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