Finding the Positive

Despite what most of us might be thinking, the COVID-19 pandemic also lends us some positive considerations.

It has shown us that despite the hysteria, there is also the cold hard truth.

Stores did in fact run out of toilet paper. They did run out of protein. Hand sanitizer is no longer just a “nice to have” product.

This virus has caused us to reconsider what we hear and see, and is teaching us to not accept everything based upon first impressions.

This is about being vulnerable. This is about getting back to reality. This is about realizing that there are way more important things in life besides spring break trips, going on Disney cruises, sitting first class on an airplane, going above one’s means to go to a professional sporting event…so many more important things that actually matter.

Things like health and wellness…things that we often take for granted and don’t make a priority until something happens that makes us take action. Things like sitting at the dinner table and having a heartfelt conversation with those we love.

As my friend Andrew said, “Can you picture a place like Israel developing the COVID-19 vaccine and then saving lives in a country such as Iran? Bringing the world together after wars that have existed since the beginning.”

This virus has in fact done quite a bit of damage. The economy will suffer for an extended period of time. People will lose their jobs, their homes, and some will in fact lose their loved ones (many already have).

Those who already deal with fear, anxiety, depression — call it whatever you want — will now be dealing with it much longer. Children will remember this.

No NCAA tournament this year. All of the things that sports provide, but mostly the ability to be inspired and to dream. However this thing found us — from a bat or other animal — it almost doesn’t matter any longer. It is here.

We have a break in the action. Schools have been shut down. Travel restrictions have been placed. Nothing like this has happened in my lifetime.

We have an opportunity to reflect and reconsider. We can actually decide how we choose to react and more importantly, how we choose to BE.

We have control over very few things in life. And our attitudes and choices during these trying times are some of them.

So what are you waiting for?

Use this time to improve yourself and to read a good book or two, or even three. To start practicing daily meditation, or yoga, or walking outside and listening to all the sounds. Turn off the artificial noise.

Reconsider your priorities. Decide how you want your life to look so that when you actually look back on it, it is what you desired it to look like.

While this situation is by no means exceptional, you can in fact make yourself more exceptional each and every day.

Life hasn’t stopped!

One thought on “Finding the Positive”

  1. Well said, Jason. Finding some quiet (perhaps for the 1st time ever for some people) can bring a deeper awareness of core priorities & values.
    We are all aware of our vulnerabilities, lie never before. Nothing is guaranteed in life. I hope everyone appreciates what they have & who they can become.
    As a Family Doc (like yourself Jason, only much older, but not wiser) I try to remind my patients to use this time to seize control of one of the most important aspects of the pandemic, which we don’t hear much about: The Immune System. We docs appreciate how important it is & how we can greatly enhance it simply by taking (I said take rather then get because they all have to be consciously planned) adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition & stress mgt. (like deep breathing &/or mindfulness exercises.

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