A must read: RANGE

I felt compelled to tell you about the book Range.

I am not simply providing you with a review today, but instead I am giving you the premise:

“Early specialization is the exception, not the rule.”

…followed by some key ideas that struck a few of the non-musically inclined chords within me. And as you read the following list I ask that you actually try to think about the big picture here. Think about the fact that most of us have had more than one job, or career, or that perhaps we did not know exactly what we wanted to do once we were all grown up. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with taking a few detours on the TOUR of LIFE, despite what many of us have been told over and over again.

This list is not even 1/10th of the key ideas I wrote down on a notecard while reading this awesome book…

  1. A sports example: Tiger Words (early specialization) vs. Roger Federer (late to specialize) = BOTH were crowned champions several times
  2. Sampling periods where we try our hand at many different things can be ideal for most of us
  3. Most of the time variety is best
  4. Progress should not occur to quickly
  5. Repetition is less important than STRUGGLE
  6. Learning to sacrifice current performance for future benefits
  7. Knowledge needs to be durable and flexible
  8. Recalibrate your FOCUS
  9. We learn who we are only by LIVING – by PRACTICING – it is not something that can be done by studying THEORY
  10. Getting a certain degree, or getting a certain score on a test does not indicate what we should actually be doing with our lives
  11. Read something outside of your field every single day
  12. You must learn about a lady named Frances Hesselbein

13. All LIFE is an experiment

Go the library and check out the book like I did, or get it on Amazon in the form you desire.

Whatever you do, take a deep dive and be accepting of a little RANGE in your life, and especially in those that you choose to mentor and express your opinions upon.

Stay blessed my friends.

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