The Keys of Mastery

It is great to see you again. Or perhaps you stumbled here for the first time. Last week I wrote about Mastery and the vision that George Leonard imparted when he wrote a book in 1991 with such a title.

Today I want to do a quick dive (as I know you only have a couple of minutes of your day to spend here with me) into what he calls the 5 keys of mastery.

  1. Instruction: find the right teacher, or right medium via which to learn; the best know how to balance reinforcement with correction.
  2. Practice: think of it as a noun, vice a verb; enjoy it; build it into your life each day.
  3. Surrender: sometimes you must give up something you already know to move forward.
  4. Intentionality: the first step is to have the vision, which then creates the “want power.”
  5. The Edge: it is a balancing act; you have to know when too much is too much and when too little is not enough.

The way I see it and the way Mr. Leonard contends:

Mastery is practice. It is staying on the path. And this path exists only in the PRESENT.

I am excited to see you along the path. If we both keep going, we are sure to meet somewhere along this route!

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