Mastery…The Introduction

It’s not what you think it is. Mastery is not about getting to some “certain” place where you are the ultimate expert, although that is what the definition implies. Mastery is more about the path that you trek upon to live the life that you desire.

Back in 1991, an author by the name of George Leonard published a book on the subject, a very short book that you could read in a day or two, and to me it should be required reading for all of us who care about personal growth and development. It is a joy to read, and even better to grasp and bring to life.

I don’t know if anyone has actually written the subject this well, with such concise precision.

He simply says it like it is:

“Don’t go for the quick fix.”

“Don’t live life based on what you can get or by focusing on the product of effort, but rather the process of living itself.”

Joy comes through living. It’s in the moment. It is not something you look ahead to, although that is how we have been conditioned.

Simply take a moment and live in the moment. Be present right now as you read this. Grasp what it is that you want. Enjoy the actual process that is occurring right NOW. This is surely the only path to true mastery of whatever it is you desire.

I will be back next week as we dig into the 5 Keys of Mastery.

One thought on “Mastery…The Introduction”

  1. Dr. Valadao, as I have gotten older I have transitioned from; get results now, or I have to achieve this now, to establishing goals so I can enjoy the journey I am on. When I was younger, I may have missed opportunities to really get to know the men and women I was around, and to properly enjoy the fruits of their labor and mine. My focus was mission accomplishment. I now sit back and take in my surroundings. I believe my growth as a person has improved more because of it. I still plan, but, instead of sprinting to mission accomplishment I now walk. I appreciate the people around me, my impact on others, more importantly the impact others have had on me. I appreciate the good and not so good in my pursuits. I appreciate things more when there is a struggle or set back because I get to see and hear from those that care about my success. This has also help me to venture with a greater focus on what I want to do. I no longer miss the journey I appreciate it.

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