It Finally Happened!

This is definitely not one of my normal blogs. You likely won’t glean much in terms of personal growth today, or perhaps it might spark some sort of fire in your own belly. Either way, I wanted to share a special moment in the life of Exceptional Every Day. When I set out to write the book I knew it was not going to become a New York Time’s Bestseller, nor was it going to make it on to Oprah’s Book Club, or get on one of the prominent military service’s reading lists, make it on to a talk show, or even cause me to break even with my investment (that will never happen).

Just a few months before my book published on April 3rd, 2019, a friend of mine named David Goggins published his own book, and let’s just say he is crushing it in all aspects. Not many people (if any) have done what David has, or can do what David is doing. His story is truly unlike any other human being that has ever lived on this planet. He has essentially caused people to rethink what it means to be motivated.

Unlike David who gets to enjoy retirement, travel all over the world, and well, do what ever he wants, I have to pay monthly fees for all of the books that Barnes & Noble and other bookstores are sending back to the warehouse. If you want to talk about being humble and having humility, call me, I promise it will be a great discussion.

My daughter has 10-year-olds in her class who talk about having a maid and or nanny, and how mom is currently in South America on her own vacation, while dad is venturing in New Zealand doing his own thing. And when my daughter chimes back about how expensive it is to travel overseas, the lovely boy chimes back with, “Oh, it’s nothing. We have all sorts of money.” And I am worried about paying books fees. First world problems!

And at least once per week, I meet a patient, colleague or random person who discovers I wrote a book and then tells me they have always wanted to write one too, and they hope to do it soon. I think it’s great, but I also feel like it sort of downplays all of the effort and work that goes into such a project, especially if you do it the way I did and write the thing yourself (no ghostwriters here baby!).

And now that I have digressed so much, what did I really hope to share in this blog today. Drumroll please………..

On February 5th, 2020, The Process website, the place that you are reading this blog right now, sold it’s first “autographed with a personal message” copy of the book (a few of you were great supporters and bought them elsewhere and I cannot thank you enough for at least helping me sell a few so I would not look like a complete idiot). It took almost exactly 10 months, but it happened. I honestly thought it never would. I am thankful that did, not because we actually sold a copy on the site, but because now my wife will get off my back about having to do all the work for the website since both of us know nothing about creating a site, coding, etc, and she was the one who after all got the Paypal button to work.

A lovely lady in Texas made a decision that led to this blog today. And whether it is a coincidence or not that the publisher is in Texas and I just spent 12-long, very long, months of my life in Texas, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that things often happen when you least expect them to. You might feel like you won’t fulfill your goals and dreams, but don’t discredit yourself too quickly.

And remember this, most things in life just need an opportunity!

2 thoughts on “It Finally Happened!”

  1. Hi Jason, Congratulations on Exceptional Every Day (most of my friends who write a book never get it published – for a variety of reasons). You may be the first. Guess that means that I had better order one. Let me know the best way when you get a chance.
    I got some very sad news that I hope that I’m not the 1st to share with you. Our good friend & my personal MD for the past couple of decades, Doug Bower, MD died of a heart attack on 2/16 at age 66, less than 2 months after he retired from MCW. The full obituary will be in this Sunday’s Mil Journal Sentinel.The funeral parlor is Schmidt & Bartell (414) 774-5010. I can hardly believe it. How unfair life can be! Poor Josie & their 2 daughters. He had a rich life, & did so much good, but his life could have been so much more rich & he could have done so much more for himself, his family & friends & the world!
    If you come up for the service, you can stay with me, we have 2 extra bedrooms in the basement. Email or call me to discuss. Bill G.

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