The Unexpected

This life we live can be quite “unexpecting.” Day after day we get challenged over and over again. Our attitude. Our gratefulness. Our ability to connect. Our ethics. Our vision. It all gets challenged.

For every good thing that happens, we often feel that two or three bad things come our way. And then we focus on the “set-back” versus the “go-aheads.” It becomes a perplexing cycle. It tires us out. But then when we least expect it something else happens.

Someone asks for our assistance. Another asks how we are doing. Someone else shares a smile and a compliment.

Our day is brightened. It becomes extremely exciting. And we realize that all the BAD is worth it, even if all we get is a little GOOD. Because the truth is, a little GOOD goes a very longgggggggggg way!

It is the reason we become grateful for what we have. Without it we would never know the difference.

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