Something Different…

For today’s post I wanted to venture down a different avenue. I quite simply wanted to wish a couple of my friends a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week. Both of their stories (very abridged versions) happen to be in my recently published book Exceptional Every Day (which by the way could make for a great Christmas gift if you know someone who is perhaps struggling to get their priorities in order, or needs a little extra motivation as we begin a new year and decade).

I think you can learn quite a bit from both of these people…I know I have. Like the rest of us mere mortals, they have not done everything right. I would venture to say that they would tell you they have made more mistakes than they care to admit.

One has crushed it on the football field, and the other in a different sort of uniform (or on a motorcycle as seen above).

Both are examples of never QUITTING. Of taking a few punches here and there (or helmet to helmet hits) and getting back up and moving forward to accomplish the next goal. One picks up his teammates by displaying a work ethic like no other. The other inspires her marines and sailors by being a caring physician and motivating naval officer.

It’s not everyday that you can thank your friends for inspiring you to go beyond the limitations of your mind, while at the same time sharing their stories so others too can benefit.

Have you been waiting to share a public thank you with someone who has made a difference in your life? Why not do it now?

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