Do you have Blind Spots?

I sure thought I had an awesome perspective on life. I did not believe I was blinded to hardly anything at all. I figured I had a good grasp on being humble and having humility. I thought that I had a sense of “vision” that was better than most. I thought that I had fewer blind spots than most of those around me.

That was until I met Tiffany. Tiffany had originally chosen a different physician. And she began working with her for a couple of weeks prior to being introduced to me. While the other physician was great for Tiffany, she was also getting ready to go on a vacation for a week or so and Tiffany would not have access to her. This was during a critical juncture in Tiffany’s medical care, and she wanted to take full advantage of having someone to bounce ideas off of as she explored this new realm of concierge medicine where she could connect with a physician 24/7/365 (…check it out to see if it might be a good fit for you with no obligation; you can take a quiz and select one of several doctors that focuses on nutrition, exercise and practices medicine the right way.)

Tiffany opened my eyes to so many things.

I tend to be black and white in many ways. For me most things are either RIGHT or WRONG without much space in the middle. But I have made it my mission to work on this way of thinking. Having children has helped me overcome this weakness in many ways.

I tend to close my eyes when they should be wide open. This is humility at its finest hour. To think I could already see as well as anyone else. What a fallacy I had fallen in to.

Like I said earlier, Tiffany opened my eyes to MANY things. She had the best vision that I had ever encountered. It was off the chart. Better than any Navy pilot in the history of Naval Aviation…even Maverick.

And what I did not tell you is that Tiffany has been blind since the day she was born. Did you read that correctly? Blind, as in NO vision with which to view her surroundings. Unable to see anything at all her entire life. Never knowing what she herself even looks like.

And she taught me that none of it matters.

She displayed an amazing sense of self-awareness. She was in touch with her emotions and the emotions of those around her, while at the same time trying to make herself better each and every day.

Sure she has some anxiety, and she does not sleep well. Perhaps you and I would have the same issues if we were in her shoes; if we were actually unable to ever see. But she understands the things that matter. She understands making connections with other human beings. She understands what it means to have real uninterrupted vision without ever actually being able to see at all.

Have you thought about your vision lately? Have you been closing your eyes to the things that matter? Have you been late on getting an update to your prescription? Is your focus limited to yourself, or can you see across the room?

These are just a few questions to help guide you as you get ready to test your eyesight on the only real eye chart that matters…

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