A New Opportunity

Each day is a new opportunity to “create” your life. I know that can be confusing since we have already been created (and I am not here to get in a battle between creation versus evolution…either way we were created). But take a step back for a moment. Literally step back right now from wherever you are sitting or standing as you read this. Take a snapshot of your life at this very moment. What are you thinking as you analyze the photo in front of you? Are you smiling in an authentic sort of way? Do you feel healthy and full of energy? Are you upset with yourself like I was for getting mad at my children and losing my patience? Or is it something else? Now you know what I am getting at.

You can see I am of the school of creating your life daily, hence my book “Exceptional Every Day” and trying to improve upon your WORK-SELF-LIFE PROCESS. You should get to a point where you are confident about the life you are walking and the one you are walking towards. You don’t necessarily want to be comfortable because being uncomfortable is the state of being that actually leads to growth.

You should be living out your passions, expressing the person that you are, using your voice, and all in all you should be YOU. It will never be perfect. Today you may be at the top of the world, and tomorrow you might feel like you were run over my a freight train. Both of those are important. Our BREAKING POINTS lead to our MAKING POINTS.

Our failures MAKE our lives just as much as our accomplishments MAKE them, if not more so.

Thus “worthwhile” and “fulfilling” happen because of what we experience — the good and the bad. Take a look at that photo of yourself once again. Now what do you think?

2 thoughts on “A New Opportunity”

  1. Thanks Jason – a positive take, as always, and one that I needed to hear today.

  2. Great insight as always, J. I particularly like your comment on breaking points leading to making points. Retired GEN Mattis, in “Call Sign CHAOS”, puts it this way: “Of course you’ll screw up sometimes; don’t dwell on that. The last perfect man on earth died on a cross long ago-just be honest and move on, smarter for what your mistake taught you.”

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