18 years ago…

A lot changed. Many people lost their lives. Many survivors dealt with the loss of a loved one. Others did their best to be heroes and they were not seeking any credit for their actions. Within hours to days airports across America changed their rules on security.

I went from joining a military during peacetime at the end of one decade, to finding myself in training to get ready for an entirely different landscape. I was excited serve, and felt more compelled than ever to make a difference.

But I still cannot comprehend the emotions, the instantaneous thoughts, that went through the minds of those actually involved in the destruction. From New York, to Pennsylvania to Washington D.C. The chaos was unimaginable.

And all I wanted to do today was say a blessing for all those who were involved in some way or another during those morning hours of September 11th, 2001, and for the past 18 years. Because while it was only one single day in our history, it has had lasting and profound effects on people across the globe. Any other blog today would not have made sense. So, if you did already, thank you, if you haven’t yet, please take a few minutes and whether you are spiritual or not, think about all of those involved. Think about them with your heart and your mind. Give them a few minutes of your undivided attention.

Our world progresses based on love, positive thinking and the power that comes through serving others. Thank you for being a part of my life today.

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