How I view my life…

“A below average guy stepping into an above average role.”

Scott Kelly

Being completely transparent (sometimes more than I probably should be), I would tell you that the quote above has been burning within me for several years. This idea to keep doing more no matter what I have been given. While I did not stumble upon these exact words in this format until July 11th, 2019, while reading the book Endurance by Scott Kelly, a retired naval aviator turned astronaut who just a few years ago spent an entire year in space, the words have provided me with the hunger and passion to do more with less. And I am guessing you might have your own unique perspective on what’s been driving you forward.

You see, I have never sought pity from anyone. Instead I chose to play the cards I was dealt, always looking for opportunities to play as long as possible. When you are young it is easy to make the wrong decision…i.e. to sit and study or to go out and play (or party hard), to stay up late or get good sleep, exercise (the list goes on)…and we make the wrong or right decision for one reason or another. One of the most powerful reasons being that you or someone you know told you not to worry because tomorrow will come and you can “start” making better choices then.

And while I don’t condone cursing, we all know that peer pressure is simply a B!@*H. And those who grew up with me or who went to college with me (Chris, Jon, and Jimmy, you can probably best attest to this), or better yet, served in the navy (yes Adam, you know this best) with me, could tell you that peer pressure and Jason were likely not used in the same sentence often, if at all.

I will take the gold medal for being boring, not fun, etc. I am not completely proud of it, but at least I was okay with the decisions I was making. I preach taking advantage of opportunities, and letting your hair down and relaxing and having fun, and I regret not doing more, if any of the last three on that list.

I tell patients, clients and friends not to “regret” choices they’ve made. But sometimes I have to eat my own words. For me, it all had to do with that quote at the top, or even simpler:

“Just a below average boy trying to do some good for the world.”

I fail day after day, but I am confident that my phone calls, text messages, emails, podcasts, and patient interactions, coaching sessions, time with my wife and kids, and perhaps even my new book are doing something to inspire hope, build confidence, change lives and turn despair into success.

I’d like to believe a below average boy is fulfilling an above average role.

So why not join me on this journey? You have what it takes. And if you are already living an above average life, then why not make it even better and make it a DOUBLE ABOVE AVERAGE (that was one of the scores we could get when I was in navy flight school…I don’t recall receiving more than one or two of those and maybe that is why I am a physician today and not flying off of aircraft carriers).

Rest a moment less, and endure a fraction more. We can all be more significant. Call me, email me, drop me a comment on how I can contact you. Let’s keep creating. The time to make a difference is now.

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