In need of a little podcast

For many of you podcasts are what keep you moving. They stir up motivation and inspiration. They often connect you to a world that you seem to be slipping away from.

I don’t do a lot of driving, and I don’t like having things in my ears or covering them up, and when I am home I try to limit my use of items that are dependent on energy, the internet, etc. I know what you are thinking: what a weirdo. And I get it. And truth be told, I am missing out on the benefits of the podcast world, so recently I made it a point to block out a little bit of time to listen to podcasts that will in fact help me to become exceptionally better each day.

And over the past few months I have been invited to be the guest on a few podcasts because of my book and supposedly because of the route, or “story” that occurred in my life to get here. I have received all sorts of comments from listeners and I have tried to use them to make each subsequent podcast interview better. But like anyone who is not afraid of trying and failing, I am still making rookie mistakes.

And thanks to the urging of a few of my friends and those who are believing in the message that I am sharing, I thought I would share the links to the podcasts I have been so grateful to be a part of so far so that you may find a dose or two of inspiration that you might be missing in your life. I hope you enjoy listening to one, two, or perhaps all of them. And to save time, try changing the speed setting on your device. Another small way to accomplish more with less. Sometimes we just talk to slow, and at others we just don’t listen quickly enough. Here is to you and your journey.

Simply click on the links below and and they will take you to the associated podcast page. Or you can also look them up on your favorite podcast app.

a. Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen (5/3/2019)

b. The Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless (6/17/2019)

c. Suit Soldier with Chris Coker (6/24/2019)

d. Military Veteran Dad with Ben Killoy (6/16/2019)

e. The H. I. T. Show with Steven Kuhn (6/18/2019)

f. Authors Read (where I read a portion of my own book…it is nerve racking) (6/20/2019)

g. NO Quit Living with Chris J. Wirth (6/25/2019)

h. Mentors for Military with Robert Gowin and Paul Martinez (7/11/2019)

i. Daily Grind with Colin Morgan (7/17/2019)

j. Outperform with Scott Welle (7/23/2019)

k. Mental Edge Lifestyle with Ryan Gallagher (8/8/2019)

l. It’s All About Health and Fitness with Dr. Vicki Haywood Doe and Dr. Virginia Dee Banks-Bright (pending)

m. Military to Millionaire with David Pere, USMC Active Duty (pending)

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