Newsletter #3

Greetings to all of you that are supporting my mission of spreading positive messages about The Process, designing the life you desire and finding your niche when it comes to living a life of significance.

With five months remaining in 2019 we all have great opportunities ahead even if we aren’t so optimistic.

We have multiple chances to “win” and “learn” as there really is no such thing as “losing.”

Think about the quote above for a moment and if you understand and accept the meaning that lies within those words, then you my friend are encompassing a champions mindset, or better yet, a GROWTH mindset.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to share a monthly newsletter with all of you wonderful people out there and it continues to be a work in progress for me. Mailchimp was promising for awhile, but they are making it hard to be creative without spending more and more money for their services. So I am continuing to share this through what is essentially a regular blog post…hopefully you don’t mind for now. It is indeed part of my growth plan for the rest of 2019 as I continue to intertwine the work that pays my bills (the navy) and my passion to help other people get to where they want to go (my coaching, blog, book, speaking and simply answering a phone call, text, or other communication system from a stranger, colleague or friend seeking a little inspiration).

I recently landed in a new locale. In just over 12 months my family and I went from California to Texas and now Rhode Island. We are essentially planting our feet across the United States. At least this time we get to settle them for a little while longer, hoping to make an impact on those who cross our path.

So I can tell you are eager to get something out of today’s post or else why would you read this far. And I have a few things for you to consider as you dig your heels into yet another month. A month that is full of transitions for several of us. Those of us with children are getting them ready for school. Others may have teenagers that they are sending off to “bigger” school. Some of you, like me, might be finding yourselves in a new job, or new position, or even a new city and or state. And yet others might just be ready for some sort of change to overtake their lives.

No matter what is going on there are principles and practices that can help all of us succeed, and I will share just FOUR of them today to get your creative juices flowing so that you can incorporate (or possibly just “redefine”) them in your life (with a few pictures from New York City):

You need to keep learning. Whether it is via reading, audiobooks, podcasts, watching youtube videos (good ones of course)…you get my drift.

This young lady is living on the streets of New York City. I could not help but take a a picture of her reading a book as it was a great lesson for me to teach my children. It doesn’t have to be much. Perhaps 15 minutes per day, or even every other day. The point is you must continue to feed your brain. Set a timer if you must. Turn off all of your electronics or at least silence your notifications so that you can focus on the task at hand. Make the minutes count.

You need to “double” down on your resilience.

You simply need to get stronger and healthier in THREE key areas of your life: Body, Mind and Spirit. You will accomplish this with exercise, journaling/meditation/to-do lists and choosing activities that light a spark in your life (that is how the spirit really thrives). And you need to build these into your lives with daily rituals. By doing so you will be more creative, mindful/focused, have more energy and worry less. Take a minute and consider Forrest’s situation:

You must get out of your comfort zone. Comfort is one of the easiest ways to compromise your growth.

There are lots of ways to do this. You can choose to learn something new. Or perhaps make a list of things that you have failed at and pick a date to overcome the failure (write it down and commit). Maybe you need to go on an adventure, take a little risk, do something that scares you.

In my case, I decided to send these two off on the train by themselves right in the middle of Manhattan. What better way to prepare them for a life of being uncomfortable!!!

They were scared, but then they became bold and brave. Okay, I did not send my girls on their own (my wife would have killed me), but there are plenty of children that have to take the the train or bus to get to school each day and they are not all doing it in the safest of areas. Thus if a child can be uncomfortable in such a setting, then nothing should be holding us adults back.

Don’t settle for mediocrity, and realize that your performance is significantly affected by circumstance and environment.

I simply don’t want you to “settle.” I recently read about a young lady, at the age of 81, that went to college. Back in her day she had to stop going to school in 11th grade, but she was always thirsty for knowledge. She kept learning throughout her life, but then made the decision that she preferred a more formal education. She just wanted something different. She then died at 84. Essentially she kept learning until her death. She did not want to be mediocre. I would say she was anything but average.

Others out there are okay with you being just average, after all it is how they get one leg up on you.

Today, I was hoping to give you a little food for thought as you dive right into another month. Simply FOUR (there are HUNDREDS) things that I know will help you design the life you desire.

  1. Keep Learning
  2. Build Resilience
  3. Get out of your Comfort Zone
  4. Don’t accept being AVERAGE

I am confident you will have an awesome weekend (even if you experience some ups and downs, as I know I will). I really appreciate your support and am eager to share my upcoming blog posts with you and your friends. Please invite those you know and love to sign up for the blog and newsletter. Here is to an amazing August 2019!

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  1. Great post, brother! Awesome FOUR to help keep us on the narrow path.

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