Be Exceptional

I stumbled on this while doing my best to learn a little bit more about the history of the Presidency of the United States.

My wife and I decided to make it a mission to take our children on visits to the various presidential libraries and museums, along with the state capitols whenever the opportunity affords itself — which unfortunately is not often.

In terms of libraries, the National Archives and Records Administration maintains 13 of them. There are three of them in Texas alone, where we recently spent 12 months of our lives.

Those two words on a cycling shirt were a good reminder of what our nation was based upon. From the founding fathers to those that have donated their lives to help make the lives of others better, those words have been engraved.

I know I am always thinking about ways to make myself better and more valuable to those I serve, and I am hoping you are too. If you have stumbled lately, or you are just not feeling so “exceptional” please think again. Putting yourself in the right state of mind is the first and only required step. Once that happens everything will fall into place and you will indeed begin to feel like you are at least becoming a little more exceptional daily.

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