Time, Time, Time

We all wish we had more of it. Each and every day we get 86,400 seconds. That is all. No more, no less. It might feel like we don’t, especially when we are traveling to and from various destinations. We get caught up in time zone shifts, to-do lists and our attention gets taken over by the rest of the world. Time leaves us, and it never comes back.

And my lovely wife came across this quote recently while doing some research for her food blog…

“I am fully aware of the preciousness of time. Time is insolent, it knows no do-overs, it is a dictator that can never be over-­thrown. No revolution and no hunger strike can ever change its course.”

Naz Deravian
Bottom of the Pot: Persian Recipes and Stories

I love the succinctness of the author’s words. I don’t think we need any further explanation.

If you do anything today, take your time. Slow time down (I know you cannot really stop the clock…you have to think outside the box) to meet your needs. Choose to make it your ally, not your enemy. Stay blessed!

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