Erase it

Today’s blog is very short…but with quite a bit of meaning, at least for me.

I overhead my child and her “best” friend — both only seven years old –having a discussion while we were on a recent excursion. My little girl had originally sent a pair of friendship bracelets to her friend as a gift. Then when we recently got together, my daughter’s friend said, “Siena, whenever we don’t agree on something or we fight about something, we can rub this bracelet on on forehead and erase it all, and then start over. That way we are never mad at each other.”

If only adults could see life through the same lens. If only we made bracelets for one another that also worked as erasers.

Are you thinking of something you would like to erase today?

Don’t wait another second. Pick up your phone, or your pen, or even use your computer to get connected with that special someone who needs to hear from you so that you both can erase and start over.

Have a great day!

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