Don’t Stand Still

It is one thing to be patient and yet another to stand completely still.

Reasons to not stand still:

  1. You are trying to get somewhere in life.
  2. You want to accomplish your goals.
  3. You care about doing something to help others.

You must take a step forward, even if you take 2 or 3 steps back to get started. You must embrace not standing still. You cannot plant your feet firmly waiting for something great to happen to you, but instead you must make things happen for you.

Complacency gets us nowhere, except right where you are right now. We begin to trip over the truth. We lose our footing and with each passing day it gets harder and harder to move forward. You essentially need to mentor yourself. Set a higher standard. Give yourself a good helping of self-assurance, believing that you can and will succeed. Point yourself in the direction you wish to go. And then, once you have those three things in motion, support yourself and find others who will also support you. The support has to be consistent. It needs to be daily because each day you cannot be standing still.

The ground will shake. The winds will blow. The earth will rattle and you have to be ready. Are you ready? What are you afraid of? Put on your dancing shoes and start the dance of your life. If you do it right, you will get exactly where you NEED and WANT to go.

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