Why would you write about Tiger?

Did that title catch your attention? Well, it caught mine when the question was asked of me, not by one, but by several individuals. Prior to the publication of my book Exceptional Every Day I would randomly talk about the messages inside of it with coworkers, friends, strangers and patients. I would share my “elevator speech” and the idea that my aim was to simply help people “edit” a few of their priorities to actually make them “priorities” so that they could truly begin a voyage to design a life that they actually want to be a part of. I was simply sharing parts of my book. And not just to get them to one day buy a copy. Not even close. I was sharing to so that they could grow and help others grow.

I was investing in the idea of “30-seconds of your time can change another’s life.”

But the question was asked. And I would smirk and then reply, “Why is writing about Tiger bad?” The looks I would get. The replies to my reply. Some so disheartening I don’t even want to tell you. Quite simply I was told, “The man ruined his family. He cheated on his wife. He is a horrible person with a terrible addiction. He cannot even play golf anymore.”

And as I have said since the beginning, I don’t condone any of the “bad” or “immoral” things that Tiger Woods did. But I also leave the judging to a higher being. Tiger has made mistakes, just like you and I. He will continue to make mistakes, just like you and I. Unless you are a narcissist and you never make mistakes…which I don’t think you are since you are reading this blog.

And then I saw this in the newspaper recently…

And as I wrote about Tiger in my initial manuscript back in 2018, I thought about the time I first met him, the time we talked on the football field at Stanford University, and it all sunk in. Every last word. He is human. And I thought, “Tiger will win again.” I even felt that he might pull off a big win in 2019. I told my wife this just a couple of months before my book published. I then thought, what if he does it right around publication, and sure enough he did. He won the Masters Tournament…the coveted green jacket…just days after Exceptional Every Day made its debut.

I was truly excited for Tiger when I saw the news on the 15th of April 2019 that he had won. I am not golfer, although I should probably learn since my daughters are interested.

I was excited because Tiger showed all of us that failure does indeed lead to success. That falling off the horse does not mean you cannot get back on. That mistakes are a part of life, and that many who reach the top rung of the ladder will fall down. What matters is that we keep trying to get better. That we keep trying to become EXCEPTIONAL.

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  1. Thank you.

    As usual, I’m a little behind in reading your blog posts but this was exactly what I needed after my day today.

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