Amazing what you will see…

…when you actually open your eyes. You think you have seen it all. You think you understand the human condition. You think you know all about empathy and feeling the pain that someone else feels. But you don’t. I don’t. None of us do.

And then you see it. You see two young men in high school, one carrying the other on his back. You take a step closer and you realize the one being carried is missing his legs…legs he lost during an accident with a train at the age of 10. The carrier has a smile on his face as he skips across the gymnasium floor. You have no idea that he is essentially blind and can only see a couple of feet in front of him. Two young men smiling despite their disposition. One named Dartanyon, the other Leroy. Wresting would bring them together.

Dartanyon and Leroy

Former ESPN producer Lisa Fenn brought their unique story to life. She first made it into a short film, less than 15 minutes in length. And then a few years later, after remaining in the boys lives and forming a bond that could not be broken, she wrote a memoir titled Carry On.

I finally met Lisa in April 2019 when she was invited to be a speaker a sports medicine conference. Her keynote address blew me away. What I heard that day was not a person up there on the stage speaking, but rather a heart. And of course I had to know more, so I stood in line to get a book. I then met her husband and we exchanged numbers and began to form our own relationship. The power of connection. The power of being in the right place at the right time. The power of actually being able to see when you open not only your eyes, but more importantly your heart.

You quite simply need to read her book. At the very least research the story of Carry On on Google and start diving in to this incredible union that was formed between three unlikely teammates.

Stay blessed my friends. Keep opening your eyes and your hearts wider than you ever have before.

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