First Podcast Now Available

Well, after a little anxiety and being nervous throughout the recording, my first podcast interview went live this morning. The support of this blog from people like you, along with the recent publication of Exceptional Every Day made it possible.

Greg Voisen, the host of Inside Personal Growth, reached out after reading my book, and with years of experience in the personal growth and development business, along with a podcast that has now developed over 14 years, I felt extremely blessed to have the opportunity.

I hope that you will share this episode with your family and friends so that we can keep the message flowing.

A few more podcast interviews are lined up and each one will surely be different as we bring the messages in Exceptional Every Day to life.

Beyond Grateful!

And please leave a comment or rate the podcast so that Greg can keep creating.

You can choose how to listen below. Make sure to click on Episode 710 or do a simple search if it does not pop right up.

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