It is truly just another day

I am truly grateful beyond any words that I can type upon this blog post for the support of blog followers, friends, colleagues, and people I have never ever met before. Many people would look at today as quite a special day in my life: the actual publication of my first book. And I get it to an extent. It is a day of special thanks to all of the people that have crossed my path throughout the years. Thanking everyone is truly an impossible endeavor. This book, like most, is a compilation of effort. It is a story of life.

Everyone who had an impact. All of those who did the HARD work to make this book a real thing over the past 14 months — for those of you who don’t know the book world — I sure didn’t — 14 months is QUICK, very QUICK. No one wrote the book for me. There was no ghostwriter, or second author. What you see is what you get and I cannot turn back now. Those that offered to sign releases so that I could talk about you in some small way (many who would not sign them — I get it, and I am not mad at you) — THANK YOU. Those that read an advanced copy to provide your endorsement, THANK YOU…many turned me down so it was not automatic in any way, shape or form and it makes your comments all the more valuable. Those that sent me text messages, emails, and even picked up the phone to cheer me on. Those are the events I will remember.

I wrote a book with the intention of helping people CHANGE. Yes, that very difficult six-letter word. It is the hardest thing to do, especially when set in “our” ways. Thinking about your priorities, especially when someone else like me brings them up in a book, is no easy task. The person in the mirror staring back at you each day — that is who you must answer to. And if you need a reminder you will see it in the form of a poem at the end of the book.

I invested time, energy and money. You could call it a sacrifice of sorts, and I might agree after a bit of an argument. It is hard to call it a sacrifice after some of the things I have seen in my life. Hard to call it a sacrifice compared to the single mother who is working three jobs and living in a hotel room with her three school aged children. Hard to call it a sacrifice when thousands upon thousands of kids are shuffled through the foster care system, most of them (not all of course) because those that birthed them were not ready to be called “mom” or “dad.” Most difficult to call it a sacrifice when people, right now, are suffering from cancer and other limiting diseases.

Today is just another day. I am at work. Not sitting at home drinking champagne or getting celebrated on Good Morning America. My little one is at speech therapy for an hour still trying to perfect those special sounds that many of us take for granted.

The book is a vehicle for change. It is a platform that I hope to use in the years to come to help more people find their WHY, reestablish their purpose and priorities and design the life that they actually want.

Perhaps the book is not the perfect one for you, but perhaps you know someone that would benefit from reading it or even skimming it. My goal was to get it into a few SPECIAL HANDS, whether in paper form or electronic, so that those SPECIAL HANDS could then keep sharing the message. Because we all know this to be true:

You don’t simply learn and change by reading a book. You change when others exemplify the qualities that matter, and then you decide to take them on for yourself. A child changes when his or her parents decide to do something different. A college student finds his or her purpose when the professor sees he or she as a human being, not just another number. A patient is willing to change when his or her physician listens before speaking, and actually acknowledges the “hurt” they have inside. We are all vehicles for change. We can all become better. We are all truly Exceptional Every Day.

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