What would you do if you were me?

I often reflect on how smart my children are. I don’t compare their “smartness” to other kids…I despise when parents do that…but rather compared to me. At the ages of 7 and 9, I was not even close to where they are. Perhaps it has to do with how my wife and I are raising them, or maybe I am giving myself too much credit.

Recently while laying my little one down to sleep, the one that has been wearing hearing aids since she was around 6-weeks old, she inquired about a small “skin tag” that she has on the tragus (that piece of cartilaginous tissue closest to the side of your face) of her right ear. She began asking me a series of questions:

  1. How do we take it off?
  2. Will it hurt to take it off?
  3. Will it bleed a lot?

Of course I provided her with a few daddy-doctor answers. And after that, she continued talking, this time making statements, vice asking questions:

  1. But if we take it off it, it will be harder for you to find me if I get lost.
  2. I am afraid my hearing will worsen if we take it off since my right ear is my better one.

Through all of this the reality of her adversity came to life. I forgot about how gifted she is. Her ability to read music and play violin so eloquently. Her energy to get up at 0600 (or earlier) each morning and get more learning and schoolwork done in one hour (on her own) than most kids do in an entire day. The fact that for the past 3 months she has been teaching herself Italian on her own. I could go on. I am a proud father. But then she asked the ultimate defining question:

  1. What would you do if you were me?

I was blown away. Most kids at her age, those much older than she, and more adults than I care to count, don’t possess the emotional intelligence (AKA Maturity) to ask such questions because they think they have it all figured out. Little did I know that she had in fact been picking up on the personal development coaching that I do. She caused me to realize that I need to ask more questions like the last one she posed to me.

While others may not have the answers we are searching for, their “experience” may in fact help us find a better way to “create” ours.

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