Saying less, but with more intention

I am learning to use fewer words, talk less and listen more. It has been an ongoing process, and one that requires a great deal of intentionality. You see, setting goals is a good thing, but setting intentions is so much more powerful. Intentions cause us to actually do some work and to put in real effort. It is one thing to say I want to win the game, quite another to make sure I give it everything I have when I actually participate in the contest. I might lose the game (as I often do), but I can always give it everything I’ve got.

Today, as we venture into the last few weeks before my book becomes available I wanted to give you a list of five things to ponder as you begin your journey of being intentional when it comes to becoming a little bit better each day…or shall we say Exceptional Every Day!

Set intentions and act on them

-Use a calendar

-Create a daily checklist

-Track your progress and you will see yourself with a newly defined eagerness to improve


-It works like compound interest in the financial world

-Don’t look to fill your time with reading, but instead make it your time

Get up early, or at least a little earlier than you normally do

-You can truly get more done

-Less distractions and an easy way to eliminate a little chunk of your anxiety

Learn how to say NO

-Those that find true success learn to PASS on things

-Don’t always rely on the easy YES, but instead think about what you are saying YES or NO to

Be a “connector”

-Don’t look at networking to serve yourself, but instead build relationships that last

-Build a community of intention oriented people rather than a contact list of people to ask favors from

I know the 5 “key points” of today’s blog are not all inclusive, and there is some room for interpretation, but I do believe it is a great starting point. I want to see you succeed and I definitely want to see you live the exceptional life that you deserve. Have an amazing day, and why not make it an exceptional one while you are are at it!

4 thoughts on “Saying less, but with more intention”

  1. The Bible in James ch1,19-20. Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak. I’ve been working this a lot. I listen to learn instead of defend. I’ve gained much more since I put my mouths saftey on so the trigger doesn’t move, lol.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts GP. Excellent choice of words…

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