Practically Perfect

All of us are just that…not exactly perfect, but closer than we think. The concept of perfect is not perfect in and of itself. So I would venture to say that all of us are in fact “practically perfect.” These words came up while I was watching Mary Poppins with my girls…yes, it was a much needed not so masculine moment with two little ladies.

Each one of us in our own little way is “practically perfect.” But like me you probably don’t feel that way unless of course you are a narcissist. I have met a few along my journey, and they are quite lonely people. Some have disowned there own family members who failed to submit to their wishes. These people lead sad lives. Yet when they appear in our paths they want us to think they are in essence “perfect.” But while they might seem conceited and confident on the outside, it is a sure bet that they are quite insecure.

But again, even they, in their own pretentious, conceited manner are in fact “practically perfect.”


We all have come to understand that perfect does not actually exist. All of us make mistakes. We have all blown up at a colleague or a family member, only later to realize just how lame our actions were. Some of us have posted to Instagram and Twitter only to eventually remove such a post or tweet after someone caught our attention and “called us out” for our actions. Or how about the time you littered, or took something without paying for it, or were rude enough to be talking on your phone while paying for your groceries (too good to interact with the cashier while he or she took care of your need), or when you parked in a handicap space because it was only for a minute?

And I am only scratching the surface. The list is quite long.

So if it is in fact true (and it is!) that we have all contributed to the imperfect list, but we are all within a standard deviation or two to one another (think back to that statistics class), then essentially we are all “practically perfect.” It is not something to boast about or to “rest on.” It is simply nothing more than a new approach to living. A way to be thankful and grateful.

Thankful for the opportunity. Grateful for what lies ahead because of such a “practicality.”

So let’s do this together and chase the opportunity to be better tomorrow than we are today.

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