We tend to “settle”

When life gets tough we tend to either dig in our heels and work a little harder, or we simply accept our present situation without putting up a fight. Some of us never accept the circumstances we encounter, others of us pick and choose, and the rest just take the punches and give in each and every time. The last scenario occurs for a myriad of reasons that are different for all who choose the path of least resistance. It may have something to do with the cards we were dealt at birth or the ones given to us a little later. Or perhaps we lost one too “many” games and we decided to fold, telling ourselves we would only give in this one time, but eventually the domino effect occurred and it happened over and over again. And sooner or later “settling” became our routine.

A lot less work, not much sweat, no more tears. We accepted our choices as being the best ones possible. We ceased questioning ourselves and our desires. It became easier to just “be.” But obviously this isn’t how you see yourself. Maybe you did for a bit of time (or a long time), but today is different. You are conducting your search for more. You are looking for a keyword or two from this blog that will keep you as far away from “settling” as possible. But the keys that you need are already in your pocket or your purse, or perhaps they are already in the ignition awaiting a twist of your wrist. You may have just not used them for quite a while, or at least as much as the others on your key ring. You have added so many keys to that ring that the ones you really needed got lost in the mix and overshadowed, just the same as your ability to keep fighting, growing and learning was put on hold because you had too many other things to do.

Today is your opportunity to fight for something you have been putting off. Whatever you do, don’t settle for something that you have the capacity to overcome. And most importantly I want you to be able to look back knowing that you gave yourself each and every ounce of self-worth possible.  Here’s to your journey and your PROCESS.

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